"​I take this tincture every night at bedtime, helps me relax into a good nights sleep and the vanilla flavor is yummy!!! no earthy taste - GreenTree has done a great job at masking the earthy taste and keeping the integrity of the product- highly recommend​"


"​I just love the Lemongrass Nawakosis lotion! It makes my skin feel so soft and silky. Highly recommend!"


"I pitch baseball for my boys and have been for years. My rotator cuff is always in pain. Since I have been using the Balm Remedy, I have no more pain! It is truly amazing. My buddies all want to dip into my balm:) Thank you GreenTree."


"The Karma coffee is my favorite. It is creamy and never bitter. I am focused with clean energy. No more 3 pm dozing. And the CBD takes away my tennis elbow pain! Thank you! Recommend, Recommend, Recommend."


​"I had a couple of issues with my first order. The communication with Dawn was practically instantaneous! She made sure that I got what I needed and stayed in contact with me until I was happy. I couldn't be more pleased with the customer service here! 

Don't hesitate to do business with this company- the products are great and the service is personal, friendly, and responsive. Thank you!"

​Lisa M

"​Been using the CBD Tincture drops for just one week and I have not had ANY migraine symptoms of any kind! I usually would wake up 5 out of 7 days a week with migraines. This is a game changer! I recommend highly!"


"​I used the Balm on my side where I had cracked a rib and the reduction in the pain was amazing."

Doc Lynn