I tried hemp tincture drops for a week straight to help relieve my anxiety. Here's what happened.


"Meditation, meds... nothing kicked my underlying sense of unease. Until I tried GreenTree Naturals."

Maggie Hackney

August 21st 

The benefits of adding broad spectrum hemp extract to my daily routine..

Yelling at myself to just “chill out” wasn’t proving to be very effective, and while a mix of therapy, medication, meditation, and exercise helped me manage the panic attacks, nothing had ever really kicked the underlying sense of unease. Now that the unease was less underlying and more hello, how may I sabotage you today, I knew it was time to try something I kept hearing success stories about: broad spectrum hemp oil.

I decided to try GreenTree Naturals, a licensed Florida based company, at the recommendation of a friend. I started out by purchasing the 1000 mg bottle in my favorite flavor; blueberry. On Day 1, I opened my new bottle with a level of excitement that I might have found something that will help and I took my full dropper under my tongue. After about 45 minutes, I then sat down for my first task of the day, sorting through my inbox. I noticed I didn’t feel the usual apprehension. Instead, I felt, well, nothing. I just felt ready to respond to some emails, regardless of what they were. It seemed too good to be true, but over the next few days, life started to feel like I was painting in pastels, like walking through a 1980s music video. All the edges were softened. I was less reactive, less worried, more confident, and more at ease. 

I even felt it driving in the car. I was worried that hemp extract might dull my senses on the road, but I felt clear, more relaxed, more able to focus, and less distracted. And I noticed that I did not have road rage! I was calm. It was like a boiling pot of water, that was turned down to a simmer. Thank you GreenTree Naturals. I am a customer for life.