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-Portable Handheld Sterilizer UV LED Germicidal Lamp Ultraviolet 20s Quickly Sterilization Disinfection Lamp

-50 PCS CE Certificated Disposable 3-layered Disposable Mask

-10 PCS Certified KN95 White Mask

-10 PCS Clear Protective Face Shield with Elastic Band

-Option of Hands Free or Hand Held LCD Digital Thermometer or None

Portable Handheld Sterilizer UV LED Germicidal Lamp Ultraviolet 20s Quickly Sterilization Disinfection Lamp

1. Portable UV LED light sterilizer, safe and convenient, bring a healthy life and stay green
2. Light weight, easy to carry, easy storage
3. Ultraviolet rays can destroy the molecular structure of microorganisms, thereby achieving the effect of rapidly killing pathogens and bacterial breeding season.
4. High brightness hot cathode lamp

1. Material: ABS + electronic components
2. Light source: UV-C ultraviolet light
3. Number of LED lamp beads: 6 uva lamps
4. Lamp bead wavelength: 265-280nm
5. Battery: 2000 mAh
6. Input voltage: DC5V / 1A
7. Input current: DC5V / 1A
8. Rated power: 3W
9. Charging interface: Micro interface
10. Fully charged time is about: 2.5h
11. Working hours: 2 days
12. Dimensions: 265x29x29mm
13. Single net weight: 110g

50 PCS CE Certificated Disposable 3-layered Disposable Mask

1. 3-ply face mask, Non-woven+Melt blown cloth+Non-woven with high breath-ability, moisture-proof, non-toxic, non-irritating, filters out bacteria, virus, dust, pollen and smoke.
2. Stay healthy and saffe when at work or out and about by wearing one of our disposable face mask.
3. Fashion protection mask, multi-layer protection design.
4. A full-width nose piece guarantees a proper fit, easily slide over the ear with a soft elastic loop which holds the mask securely to the wearer.
5. Disposable breathable civilian mask for men, women
6. Size: 17.5x9.5cm

10 PCS Certified KN95 White Mask

1. Suitable Crowd: Adult
2. Product Name: KN95 Disposable Face Mask
3. Function: Anti-dust-smog-virus-pollen
4. Material: Non-woven Fabric+ Melt-blown
5. Feature: Comfortable Fit
6. Shape: 3D Cup Shape
7. BFE: 95% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency
8. Standard: GB2626-2006/ FFP2 /CE/ FDA

1. 4-layer protection, dual-layer non-woven, dual-layer meltblown cloth material, high effect prevent spittle, sand, dust, haze, bacteria, etc.
2. It is soft and comfortable to your face, very effortless breathable to wear, no discomfort.
3. Fashion protection mask, multi-layer protection design, filters over 95% of airborne particles, fumes, allowing smooth breathing, reducing heat and moisture accumulation.
4. Adjustable nose clip: Can adjust the nose wing according to the individual nose shape to prevent slipping.
5. Elastic ear-band, comfortable and easy to wear.
6. Suitable for cycling, camping, running,travel,climbing and daily use. Protect you from fog, haze, vehicle exhaust, passive smoking, etc.
7. This anti-dust mask is ideal for both women and men.

10 PCS Clear Protective Face Shield. Anti-Saliva Splash, Anti-Spitting, Anti-Fog, Anti-Oil, Mask with Elastic Band

1. Disposable, anti-fog, clear Eco-friendly PET material
2. Very light weight and durable
3. Transparent face protection that does not block your view
4. Coverage from top of the eyebrow to under mouth the chin area
5. Keep your face, eyes, nose and mouth free from dust

Non-contact LCD Digital Thermometer Handheld Infrared Forehead Body Thermometer

-- This product measures the body temperature by collecting the infrared heat radiation from the human body's forehead. The operation is simple and hygienic, and the measurement is fast and accurate. The user only needs to align the probe head with the measurement button and press the measurement button for about 0.5 seconds to quickly and accurately measure the body temperature. For household and medical institutions to measure body temperature use.
-- The thermometer can also be used to measure object temperatures from -32°C to 380 °C, and is also widely used in agriculture, industry, food, petrochemical and other industries.
-- The thermometer is mainly used for the detection of human body temperature in public places such as households, ports of entry, airports, customs, stations, terminals, hospitals, institutions, factories, schools, hotels and office buildings. It is convenient for screening patients with fever symptoms to reduce infection and epidemic situation spread.

1. Measurement mode: body temperature / temperature measurement two measurement modes (body temperature, water temperature, milk temperature, room temperature).
2. Display screen: LCD digital display with clear reading.
3. Measurement time: 0.5 seconds temperature measurement, convenient and fast.
4. Sensing measurement: measuring sensor technology, high measurement accuracy.
5. Automatic shutdown: no remeasure after 10 seconds, automatic shutdown.
6. One-button measurement: one-button measurement, easy to operate.
7. Store data: The last 50 sets of measured value memory function, convenient for users to retrieve data comparison.
8. Unit conversion: Fahrenheit or Celsius can be converted to each other.
9. Advantages: Safe and infrared measurement to avoid the harm of traditional mercury thermometer and mercury vapors absorbed by the human body.

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